Our Clinical Team


Ginni Orava, MSN, FNP-C

Ginni Orava is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner that has been practicing in family medicine for the past 13 years. Prior to her becoming a nurse practitioner, she worked in various emergency departments in the east valley.  She cared for many patients that came in for drug overdose and withdrawal. She saw firsthand how addiction destroyed so many lives of these patients and their families. Her goal is to help patients experiencing mental illness regain control of their lives  in a collaborative team effort with counselors, family and other members of the healthcare community. 



R. Scott Orava, MD

Scott Orava is a Board Certified Physician in Emergency Medicine and has been working in Arizona for over 20 years in the emergency departments. He has provided care for thousands of patients experiencing drug addiction including those that have overdosed and died.  He understands the need  for medication assisted treatment for patients suffering from mental illness and desires to aid patients in their recovery process with his knowledge and expertise.


Kamee Witts RN, BSN, VA-BC-Owner

Before founding Renew Infusions Kamee became a Registered Nurse in 1999. Kamee has worked in various areas over her career. She has spent time in Outpatient Treatment Centers, Vascular access/Rapid Response Teams  and over 10 years in the busiest emergency department in the east valley. Kamee has cared for countless patients in need of mental health care. Placing PICC lines and performing ultrasound guided peripheral IV lines is one of Kamee’s specialties. Before opening her own business, Kamee was the Director of Vascular Access for a national Lab and Xray company. 


John Witts-Fire Captain/Paramedic, Owner

John is a Fire Captain/Paramedic. He has been providing pre-hospital emergency care for 20 years in the Valley. John has cared for patients in crisis and their families in the prehospital setting throughout his career. John is certified in ACLS and PALS as well as received training on care of patients in crisis annually as part of maintaining his Paramedic certification. 


Jill Sailer, CRNA

Jill Sailer is a board certified CRNA that has been practicing nursing for 17 years.  Prior to becoming a CRNA she worked in ICU, ER and Recovery room.  

She has an extensive background in anesthesia for a variety of procedures including electroconvulsive therapy for patients with depression as well as sedation for pain injections and procedures.  As an officer in the Army Reserves for the last 23 years she has seen firsthand the effects of PTSD and chronic pain.  Her goal is to help people suffering from chronic pain, CRPS, depression, anxiety, OCD, and suicidal ideations. 


Jennifer Weatherford, RN

Jennifer has been a nurse for over 11 years, working in a variety of settings including critical care and SWAT.  I am currently working towards my master's degree in psychiatric mental health-NP at Walden University.  I enjoy reading and snowboarding whenever I have the time.  

I have a husband and two children that keep me busy and a very supportive dog named Charlie.  

Our Mission

Mission: To safely assist patients in their wellness journey to find their best quality of life.

Our experienced medical professionals put your needs first. We are proud to provide a high quality level of customer service, medical experience, and commitment to health and wellness to all our patients. 

Our Why

We are a Gilbert family owned business. I am a Nurse and my husband is a Fire Captain and Paramedic. Throughout the 20 years I have been a Registered Nurse, I’ve seen my fair share when it comes to medication and treatment of mental illness. Beyond what I have encountered at work, it hits closer to home for me because I have a loved one who has long fought mental illness and all the stigmas that go with it.   

I think we all can agree that nobody chooses mental illness any more than a person chooses to be afflicted with diabetes or high blood pressure. A very wise psychiatrist once told me that depression is an illness of the whole body. It affects every aspect of a person’s life. Think about what it’s like to have the flu. Your entire body aches, you can’t sleep, then you sleep too much, you have no energy, no appetite, you can’t enjoy anything, and this can go on for a week or more! Now imagine feeling like that for an entire year and you can begin to understand what someone suffering from chronic depression or another mental illness is going through. 

I learned about Ketamine as a treatment option for my family member with PTSD and depression. I knew Ketamine was a very safe anesthetic that we used in the ER to sedate children to set a broken arm or sew up a lacerated eye. I was intrigued, so I began to research everything I could get my hands on. I knew it to be a very safe medication so there was no harm in trying it. The results were remarkable and unlike anything I have seen in my clinical experience and as the caregiver to my loved one. It’s like the Ketamine blanketed her brain with calm and she immediately began to feel whole again.  

I saw a sense of calmness come over my loved one, hope suddenly appeared, along with a renewed interest in the world around her. Even that beautiful smile that we hadn’t seen in a very long time emerged. I wanted this for her and for all the others who were suffering from mental illness. I had been searching for a change in my career that would provide me with a larger sense of purpose, and after seeing first hand the benefits of Ketamine, I believe I have now found it.